Avenida Paulista

Avenida Paulista is the most famous street in São Paulo. Its 2.8km is lined with tall office buildings, banks, and shopping malls. It’s often compared to Fifth Avenue in New York, but it’s more of a business and financial center than anything. It also boasts the most expensive real estate in all of Latin America.

Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil

Avenida Paulista

One of the best and most important fine arts museums in Brazil, Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), is located along Avenida Paulista in an iconic modern building. It’s definitely worth a visit for art lovers.

Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) in São Paulo, Brazil

Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP)

Parque Trianon is also located along the avenue. It is a small piece of lush green vegetation immediately eliciting a peacefulness from the chaos outside. It was my favorite spot along the street. When I walked by, there was a craft market outside of the park along Avenida Paulista.

Parque Trianon in São Paulo, Brazil

Parque Trianon

Craft market in São Paulo, Brazil

Craft market

Across the street from Parque Trianon is another small park, Praça Alexandre de Gusmão.

Praça Alexandre de Gusmão in São Paulo, Brazil

Praça Alexandre de Gusmão

Just north is the former residence of Colonel Joaquim Franco de Melo. This house was built in 1905 and is one of the last remaining houses from Avenida Paulista’s residential phase (1891-1937). Unfortunately, the house is in terrible shape.

Casa Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil

Casa Paulista

At the far north end of the street is a church built like a Greco-Roman temple, Igreja São Luis Gonzaga. It was built in 1935. The façade was inspired by the Erechtheion on the Acropolis of Athens.

Igreja São Luis Gonzaga in São Paulo, Brazil

Igreja São Luis Gonzaga

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