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I’m not here to win any creative writing awards. I’m here to provide my opinions, tips, personally made maps, photos, links, and reviews for the places I’ve visited around the world. Some of the places I write about are popular destinations while others are way off the beaten path. I also throw in a few cultural stories and unique personal experiences.

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With a school group at the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor, Egypt

With a school group at the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor, Egypt

Mangroves near Ladrilleros

One of the popular tours to take in Ladrilleros is to the nearby mangroves and natural swimming pools, part of the Parque Nacional Natural Uramba Bahía Málaga. The tours run in the afternoons and are priced at COP$24,000 (as of October 2016), but can be found cheaper. Continue reading

Ladrilleros Hotels

You won’t find any 5 star resorts or anything luxurious in Ladrilleros, to be honest, but there are a multitude of hotels to choose from. Most of them are very simple and do the trick for a few days. Some have cabañas while others are normal hotel rooms. Many offer meal plans with two or three meals a day. If you don’t have reservations, you can find a hotel easily after arriving in Juanchaco. Continue reading

Getting to Ladrilleros

The only way to get to Ladrilleros is with a one hour boat trip from Buenaventura to Juanchaco. Boats leave daily at 8am, 10am, 1pm, and 4pm from the Muelle Turístico. Additional boats are available on weekends and holidays when Caleños escape Cali and head to the coast. The cost is roughly COP$60,000 round trip per person. Return tickets are good for 15 days. Continue reading


Buenaventura is not a place you want to stick around in for too long. It’s a loud, dirty, ugly, dangerous port city on Colombia’s Pacific coast. Why would anyone want to go there? Buenaventura is the gateway to the beach town of Ladrilleros, which is only accessible by boat. Continue reading

Forces of Nature

After a night of heavy rain, the only road in and out of the village of Columbia collapsed in a landslide. Columbia is just outside of the town I live in – Belén de Umbría. This small agricultural community will be without road access for at least six months. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and no cars or motorcycles were traveling on the road as it collapsed. Continue reading

Bioparque Ukumarí

Marisol and I took her nephew, David, to Bioparque Ukumarí for the day. Ukumarí is a huge nature complex in Colombia’s coffee region that’s currently under construction. When finished, it will have a zoo, a veterinary center, nature museum, anthropology museum, aquarium, 4D attractions, interactive games, and nature-related extreme sports. It will be the largest complex of its kind in Latin America. As of our visit (October 1, 2016), I would estimate only 10% is done. Continue reading