Terrible Hotel Experience at the Española Rodeway Inn

Always check your hotel beds before you settle in. This occurred at the Rodeway Inn in Española, New Mexico, on October 25, 2015.


The Situation

I got into bed at 10:30. I immediately felt something wet. Immediately, I jumped out of bed and ripped the sheets off. I found a yellow stain and the smell of urine on the mattress pad. The guest before me clearly peed the bed and the housekeeper who turned the room over changed the sheets but not the mattress pad. It was easily the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me at a hotel. I was ready to vomit.


The Hotel’s Response

I got dressed and ran to reception. They offered to change the sheets. I refused, demanded a whole new room, and asked to leave a note for the manager. My friends (one who was sick) who were staying with me had to be woken up to move to the new room. I had to take my 2nd shower in 30 minutes to clean off again.

24 hours later, I still hadn’t gotten any response from the manager. I asked how they would resolve the problem. The receptionist got an attitude with me and said they already fixed it by moving me to another room. She kept asking what I wanted and what my question was. I asked when I could speak with the manager but was told she was “busy with a family emergency” and wasn’t coming in for a while.

15 minutes later the receptionist rang the room and offered to give a $30 credit. I countered the offer by promising to post the experience all over social media and contacting the NM Health Department. I also contacted Choice Hotels corporate customer service but have not yet received a response (3 days).


Your Experience?

What would you expect the hotel to do if this happened to you? Is a $30 credit on a $56 room good enough? What’s your worst hotel experience and how was it resolved?

Urine soaked sheets at Rodeway Inn in Española, New Mexico

How could the housekeeper miss this?

Urine soaked sheets at Rodeway Inn in Española, New Mexico

Terrible housekeeping!

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