¡Sin Mayonesa!

Ever since I arrived in Santiago, Chileans have been begging me to visit a sandwich shop, Fuente Alemana. Every single one of them swear it is the best sandwich in town, and that I have to try the lomito (pork sandwich). Based on the majority of my other experiences with Chilean food, I had nothing to lose.


Lomito Completo at Fuente Alemana

I went to the location on Alameda, just a few steps from the Baquedano metro stop, and had a seat at the counter. I ordered their signature Lomito Completo, which consists of thinly sliced pork, pickles, sauerkraut, a tomato sauce, and mayo. There are other varieties available, most notably with avocado, but I think ALL have mayo.

Fuente Alemana in Santiago de Chile

Fuente Alemana

A few minutes later, a giant, sloppy monster of a sandwich was sitting in front of my face. It was such a mess that I had to eat it with a fork and knife.

Yes, that is MAYO, not melted cheese! at Fuente Alemana in Santiago de Chile

Yes, that is MAYO, not melted cheese!

Did it taste good? Yes, it was excellent, but I had to do some work on it first. The ungodly amount of mayo they slapped on it made it unbearable at times. I literally had to remove about 5 spoonfuls of it to make the sandwich edible. It was a huge task to finish it, but I was a good sport and ate the whole thing. No stomach aches or any other bowel-related problems showed up later in the day.

Messy at Fuente Alemana in Santiago de Chile




I will be back to try other versions of the lomito at Fuente Alemana, and I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s a Santiago institution that even Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to.


But I do have a lesson here: if you don’t speak Spanish and end up in Santiago one day, you must learn the phrase “sin mayonesa” – without mayonnaise. I will never understand the obsession with mayo in this country. I don’t hate mayo and I think it’s good in small doses, but after just six weeks in Chile, the simple sight of it makes me gag.

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