Eating in Bozcaada

There’s no shortage of good restaurants in Bozcaada. Most of them are located in the Greek Quarter with colorful outdoor tables. If your first choices are full, you’ll easily find another one in a great setting. You can also find a few restaurants with tables around the harbor.

Greek Quarter in Bozcaada, Turkey

Greek Quarter

Harbor in Bozcaada, Turkey


The best restaurant I ate at in Bozcaada Town was Sandal. This restaurant with the blue and white tables and the boat built into the building has incredible food and excellent service. The tables are outdoors on a gorgeous street under grapevines and flowers. It’s located next to Nar Adaevi, my hotel during my visit.

Sandal in Bozcaada, Turkey


Sandal in Bozcaada, Turkey


Sandal offers several meze plates that are typical of the island. The food was Greek island food with a small Turkish Aegean twist, if that makes sense. There are lots of seafood dishes, eggplant, and other vegetables. I loved it so much I went back the next night to try more.

Stuffed eggplant at Sandal in Bozcaada, Turkey

Stuffed eggplant at Sandal

Grilled octopus at Sandal in Bozcaada, Turkey

Grilled octopus at Sandal

Next door to Sandal is Simyon Meyhane, a traditional Greek taverna run by one of the few remaining Greek families on the island. I ate there on my third night. The food was good but didn’t compare to Sandal in either flavor or service.

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