World Cup 2014: Wrap-up

My World Cup Experience Wrap-up


Best Moment:

Greece beating Ivory Coast and celebrating with the fans after the game in Fortaleza.


Worst Moment:

The first goal in Greece’s opening game against Colombia in Belo Horizonte.


Best Stadium:

Maracanã. I didn’t actually attend a game at the famous Rio de Janeiro stadium, but I was able to visit. I had chills the whole time. Natal’s Arena das Dunas is my runner-up. It was a beautiful venue to watch a game in.


Best Food:

São Paulo


Worst Food:



Best City:

Rio de Janeiro


Worst City:

São Paulo. I was disappointed.


Most Organized City:



Least Organized City:



Best Fans:

Colombia. Friendly, energetic, and fun. Runner-up is Iran. I met a large group at the airport after they had been eliminated and all were very nice to talk to and upbeat.


Worst Fans:

I might be criticized for this but I don’t care – USA. I didn’t like our behavior, and maybe because I could understand everything they were saying. Arrogance and lack of sportsmanship were an unfortunate common theme from my fellow American fans. It was embarrassing to hear another American telling opposing fans that their country sucks. Not the team, the country. Runner-up is Brazil. Again – arrogance, lack of respect, and their sense of entitlement.


And because I’m a guy…

Most Beautiful Female Fans:

Colombia. I couldn’t concentrate on the game. It was a great distraction. Happy to be moving there. Runners-up: Mexico, Iran, Belgium and Netherlands. Not necessarily in that order.


Least Beautiful Female Fans:

USA. Yeah, again, I’ll be criticized. I held us to a much higher standard. Runners-up: Australia, Spain, Bosnia, and South Korea. I’m excluding Algeria from my selection because I don’t think they brought any female fans.

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