Montenegro is a nice town within the UNESCO World Heritage listed Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. It’s located between the city of Armenia and the town of Quimbaya, about 20 minutes from each. Montenegro is also home to the Parque del Café, a coffee-themed amusement park.


Getting There

Buses from Armenia (COP$2,000) and Quimbaya (COP$1,700) pass through the main streets of Montenegro frequently. They don’t stop at a terminal so you must get off the bus at the designated stop. I’ve used Nuevo Rapido and Expreso Alcalá in both directions.


Plaza de Bolívar

The town’s main plaza, Plaza de Bolívar, is a short walk from where the buses stop. The plaza is full of trees and has a couple monuments – one to Simón Bolívar and another to the indigenous people.

Plaza in Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia


The church, which wasn’t open during my visit, is not very attractive. It’s shaped like a barn.

Church in Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia



Café Don José

Next to the church in an old colonial-style building is a great little café, Café Don José. The coffee is some of the best I’ve had in Colombia and the service is excellent. The place also has a lot of character – it looks like a tornado hit an antique shop.

Café Don José in Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia

Café Don José

Café Don José in Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia

Café Don José

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