Finally back in Istanbul…

I’ve finished my rehab/rest trip in the USA and arrived back in Turkey yesterday. Being out of Istanbul for 3 months, there are a few things I’ve missed and haven’t missed:

Things I’ve missed:

  1. Mantı, tantuni, ayran, lahmacun, pide, midye dolma and several other Turkish foods
  2. The Bosporus
  3. Nargile at Tophane
  4. Amazing weather
  5. My friends and students
  6. Islak mendil (wet naps) after every meal
  7. Çay
  8. Turkish hospitality
  9. Buying groceries that actually spoil
  10. The dolmuş (shared taxi)

Things I haven’t missed:

  1. The constant state of chaos
  2. The Metrobüs
  3. The pungent odor of unshowered old men
  4. Concrete as far as the eye can see
  5. Occasional riots
  6. Traffic and taking at least an hour to get anywhere
  7. The general population’s lack of spatial awareness
  8. Waking up with the 5:30am Ezan (Call to Prayer)
  9. Playing frogger every time I have to cross the street
  10. Pushing and shoving to get on public transportation
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