An insomniac’s introduction to blogging…

It’s 3am and I’ve finally decided to start that blog some friends and family have been encouraging me to start for three years now. Where do I start? What do I say? I have enough travel experiences since moving to Turkey to keep me busy writing for the next month. That’s a good thing, because I pretty much have nothing better to do with my time for the next, say, 6 weeks. So here are my ideas:

  1. Start writing about my past experiences and backdate them. I have a long way to go on this. This means everything posted before this post was really written after this post, and everything posted after this post was also posted after this post. Follow me?
  2. Update everything else moving forward.

What will you see? I’ll try to give a good explanation of my experiences living in Istanbul through the eyes of a Greek-American. Hopefully you will get to know the city I fell in love with. I will also cover my travels to other places (what I did, where I stayed, what I ate, cultural oddities, and all the ridiculous things that seem to happen to me). I’ll throw in a few pictures that I’ve taken. And I will tell about the good AND bad experiences. You’ll probably see some sarcasm, too.

From my entries, I want readers to learn something new, maybe get a laugh or two, and most importantly, get encouraged to leave their comfort zones.

Now that we’re coming close to 4am, I’ll wrap it up and save my energy for more writing.

Special thanks to Georgia and Toni for REALLY pushing me to do this. Sorry it took so long.

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