Historic Bursa

Bursa may be a big sprawling city today, but the historic city center in this UNESCO World Heritage city is in a relatively compact area. Sitting underneath the Tophane Citadel is the magnificent Ulu Cami and several Ottoman hans (caravanserais). There are also many streets and alleys full of bazaars to get lost in.

A good place to start is Koza Parkı, a beautiful open space with a large fountain and benches. On the north side of the park is Koza Han, which is part of the city’s network of hans and bazaars. On the west end is Ulu Cami, the largest and most historic mosque in Bursa. On the east end is Orhan Gazi Camii, completed in 1339. Click here for a virtual tour.

Koza Parkı in Bursa, Turkey

Koza Parkı

Koza Parkı in Bursa, Turkey

Koza Parkı

Orhan Gazi Camii in Bursa, Turkey

Orhan Gazi Camii

The building next to Orhan Gazi Camii is the Bursa Belediye Binası. It houses the offices of the Bursa municipality. It was built in 1879 and is a great example of late Ottoman architecture. Click here for a virtual tour.

Bursa Belediye Binası in Bursa, Turkey

Bursa Belediye Binası

A smaller mosque in the vicinity is the 16th century Karaşeyh Camii. It’s a bit hidden from the main road, Atatürk Caddesi. Nearby you’ll find a statue of Atatürk and a small clock tower in the intersection across from the statue.

Karaşeyh Camii in Bursa, Turkey

Karaşeyh Camii

Atatürk monument in Bursa, Turkey

Atatürk monument

Saat Kulesi in Bursa, Turkey

Saat Kulesi

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