Strada Cetății

What’s left of the old city walls of Sibiu’s historic city center now sits south of Piaţa Mare along Strada Cetății. They were built in the 14th century.

Strada Cetății in Sibiu, Romania

Strada Cetății

City walls in Sibiu, Romania

City walls

Along the walls are a few towers named after the guilds that built them, including the Carpenter’s Tower, Potter’s Tower, and Harquebusier’s Tower. All of the towers are 14th century originals except for the latter, which was replaced in the 16th century.

Carpenter’s Tower in Sibiu, Romania

Carpenter’s Tower

Potter’s Tower in Sibiu, Romania

Potter’s Tower

Harquebusier’s Tower in Sibiu, Romania

Harquebusier’s Tower

The rest of the street is pleasant to walk along and includes several colorful homes. The Sibiu Natural History Museum (1895) and Thalia Concert Hall (1787) are found on the street. The Thalia Concert Hall houses the State Philharmonic of Sibiu and was built as one of the first theatres in this part of Europe.

Strada Cetății in Sibiu, Romania

Strada Cetății

Natural History Museum in Sibiu, Romania

Natural History Museum

Thalia Concert Hall in Sibiu, Romania

Thalia Concert Hall

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