Colombia’s Unique Fruit Drinks

One thing you must try on any visit to Cali are the unique fruit drinks that have originated in the city and in the Valle del Cauca region. You will find stands selling them in many plazas and parks in the city, but they’re also popular all over Colombia.

Juice stand in Parque Jorge Isaacs, Cali, Colombia

Juice stand in Parque Jorge Isaacs



First, Lulada is a popular drink made from the pulp of lulo, a local fruit that is very sour but delicious. The drink originated in Cali.

Lulada in Cali, Colombia

Lulada in Cali



Next is Champús (or Shampús), which is another drink made of lulo, but also with pineapple, panela, cinnamon, and corn, and condensed milk drizzled on top. It’s popular in southwest Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, but each country has their own special variation.

Champús in Cali, Colombia

Champús in Cali



Finally, there is Cholado (also known as Raspado). It’s a drink that’s more of a fruit salad than anything, topped with condensed milk. Cholado is a traditional drink native to the nearby town of Jamundí.

Cholado in La Unión, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Cholado in La Unión

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