Colombia’s Sombrero Capital

The small, unassuming town of Aguadas, one of Colombia’s prestigious Pueblos de Patrimonio, has contributed a lot to the country’s culture. Sitting high in the mountains in the department of Caldas, it’s known not only as the sombrero capital of Colombia, but also the home of Colombia’s best pionono pastry, the capital of pasillo music, and last but not least, the city of “brumas” (clouds that frequently engulf the town). If that’s not enough, Aguadas is included in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. That’s quite a lot to live up to.

Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia


The Sombrero Aguadeño is the typical hat of the Paisa region. It’s not much different from the more famous Panama hat and is made from a palm straw called iraca. Although these hats are sold everywhere, the finest come from Aguadas. While asking around, we were sent to a house a few blocks from the main plaza to buy our authentic hats. The house has a sign outside, Sombreros Pipintá. Knock on the door and you’ll be escorted through the house into the small showroom to choose your hat. They’re all handmade by Jorge Valencia López with prices ranging from COP$35,000 for basic but durable hats to over COP$100,000 for the finest quality stitching. Hats sold in the stores around town will cost almost double, and the locals who guided us to Sombreros Pipintá said Jorge’s hats are the finest in town. In any case, a visitor to Aguadas should always come home with an authentic Sombrero Aguadeño.

Sombreros Pipintá in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia

Sombreros Pipintá

The pionono is a popular pastry all over South America, but in Aguadas you’ll find Colombia’s finest. Many street vendors at bus stations and small souvenir shops all over the country will sell piononos. They’re all filled with arequipe and some have raisins or guava or some kind of fruit mixed in. None compare to the quality of the Pionono Aguadeño. The moist bread is filled with arequipe and has figs and guava mixed in. Absolutely delicious. They’re sold all over town but we were sent to Piononos Trukky for what many locals consider the best. They’re boxed nicely and sold in full rolls (COP$15,000), half rolls (COP$8,000), and individual portions (COP$1,500).

Pionono dessert in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia


Pasillo music is also a specialty of Aguadas. The Fiesta Nacional del Pasillo Colombiano (National Festival of Colombian Pasillo) takes place every August in the town attracting people from all over the country. There are parades, parties, concerts, competitions and more. The video below is of the winning vocalist of the 23rd annual festival in 2014.


Around town, there’s not much to see outside of the beautiful plaza, which has a few colonial buildings surrounding it.

Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia


The plaza has a beautiful fountain in the center.

Plaza in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia


Fountain in the plaza of Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia


The church is nice to visit as well.

Plaza and church in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia

Plaza and church

Church in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia


The rest of the town is fairly sleepy but wandering around might be rewarding for lovers of colonial architecture.

Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia


A street in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia

A street in Aguadas

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