Isla Grande

During a trip to Cartagena, a tour group of ours decided on spending a day on the beach at Isla Grande (one of the Islas del Rosario) rather than the crowded Playa Blanca. We booked the day trip through Gente de Mar, a resort located on the island.

Gente de Mar

Gente de Mar charges COP$180,000 per person for a day on their resort. The cost includes a traditional Caribbean fish lunch, but for those who don’t eat fish, they’ll make something different. It also includes access to all the facilities on the resort, a towel, and a beach chair. Not included are massages, snorkeling equipment, other optional activities, and the fee to enter the national park.


Our Day on Isla Grande

We were picked up at our hotel at around 8:45am (we were told any time between 8-8:45am) and taken to the docks where we paid and were escorted to the boat. The boat left at 9:30, and by 10:30 we were on the beach. There were about 50 people on the boat and it felt like fewer once we dispersed on the beach and throughout the resort.

Beach at Gente de Mar, Islas del Rosario, Colombia

Beach at Gente de Mar

The beach wasn’t as good as I was expecting. There was lots of seaweed and some rocks, but at least the water was warm and calm.

Beach at Gente de Mar, Islas del Rosario, Colombia

Beach at Gente de Mar

It was a relaxing day (minus the vendors trying to sell their things to us) and the lunch was decent. When it was over, we were taken by boat back to Cartagena at about 3:30pm and had to walk back to our hotel once we arrived.

Lunch at Gente de Mar, Islas del Rosario, Colombia

Lunch at Gente de Mar

It’s much more expensive than a day trip to Playa Blanca, but if you want to get away from the crowds and have a more peaceful beach experience, Isla Grande is a good option.


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