Buga Basics

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal in Buga is located a straight shot from the basilica and a few blocks from the pedestrian space. To avoid walking in the terrible heat, you can take a taxi into town. It cost us COP$3,900 to get to Parque José María Cabal.


Getting There

To get to Buga, it’s possible to take a bus from Cali or Pereira’s bus terminal. From Cali, it took us about an hour by car. We returned by bus to Pereira in about two and a half hours and it cost COP$20,000 each. From Pereira, there are a few different companies offering service to Buga – Tax Central, Expreso Palmira, and Expreso Trejos. If going on a day trip, especially on a Sunday or religious holiday, we recommend booking return tickets upon arrival. Both times we visited, we had to wait about two hours for a bus that wasn’t full.

On our second trip we came from Lago Calima and the town of Darién. It took just over an hour with Trans Calima and cost COP$7,500 per person.


Don Karlos

On our first visit, our group of eight had lunch at Don Karlos. It’s ridiculously cheap and the food is great. We ordered a huge tray that the server said was good enough for six but it fed our entire group and there were even leftovers. It contained chicken, pork, ribs, fries, and arepa.

Don Karlos in Buga, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Don Karlos

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