Lago Calima Basics

There are many of places to stay around Lago Calima, including hotels, hostels, fincas, and camping. You can find some of them on this website. The biggest settlement around the lake is the town of Darién, where there are many hotels and restaurants.


Hotel Mirador del Lago

We stayed at Hotel Mirador del Lago in Darién. Our room was simple but clean and comfortable. Breakfast was included in the room rate of COP$106,000. Vacation rentals, fincas, and cabins are available all around the lake and can be found by asking around in Darién.

Hotel Mirador del Lago in Darién, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Hotel Mirador del Lago


Hotel Brisas del Calima

For lunch, we ate at Hotel Brisas del Calima across the street from our hotel. We had the lunch special, which was grilled chicken breast. It cost COP$8,000 per plate and was very good.

Lunch at Brisas del Calima in Darién, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Lunch at Brisas del Calima


Salamina Parrillada

Our dinner was at Salamina Parrillada on the plaza. We both had the baby beef, which was very good. With juices to drink, our meals cost a total of COP$52,000. We thought it was a bit expensive but were happy with the quality.

Salamina Parrillada in Darién, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Salamina Parrillada



Trans Calima provides transportation to and from Cali (two hours, COP$14,500) and Buga (just over an hour, COP$7,500). The bus terminal is a couple blocks from the plaza in Darién. There are two routes, “por el lago” and “vía Jiguales”. Buses going “por el lago” can stop at the many camping zones, vacation rentals, and water sports areas. “Vía Jiguales” is more direct to Darién.

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