East Entrance Road

As I drove into Yellowstone National Park along the East Entrance Road, I noticed a dramatic change in scenery. We made a few stops as we made our way to the campground at Grant Village. While the sights along the road don’t compare to other parts of the park, they’re still interesting to stop and check out.


Sylvan Lake

The first stop we made in this iconic national park and UNESCO World Heritage site was Sylvan Lake. This small 28 acre lake is popular with fly-fishers angling for the Yellowstone cutthroat trout. For everyone else, it’s just beautiful scenery. Sylvan Lake is located 10 miles west of the East Entrance.

Sylvan Lake in Yellowstone National Park

Sylvan Lake


Forest Fires

Next, we stopped at a pullout to check out the effects of a recent forest fire. Fires have been burning in the park area for the past 14,000 years, numbering up to 78 every year. They are an important factor in shaping the landscape of the park.

Forest fire aftermath in Yellowstone National Park

Forest fire aftermath


Fishing Bridge

After driving along the north shore of Yellowstone Lake for a bit, our third and final stop was at the Fishing Bridge. The historic bridge was originally built in 1902 over a small outlet of the lake. The current bridge dates back to 1937. It used to be a popular spot to fish from, hence the name. Fishing was banned from the bridge in 1973 due to the threat against spawning cutthroat trout. Fishing or not, the bridge has some excellent views.

Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park

A look at Fishing Bridge

View from Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone National Park

View from Fishing Bridge

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