A New Project

After nearly two years of planning and hard work, I’m proud to announce a new project on a new website – This collaboration between four people from four different countries will embark on an inaugural journey in just a few weeks, September 2015. We will travel to the Rocky Mountain states visiting several national parks and cities along the way, and will finish in Colombia in December and January.


Our Team

Our team consists of Nick from USA, Martin from England, Marisol from Colombia, and Gönül from Turkey. Four people from four countries, four age groups, four religions, four personalities, four different ways of thinking.

Lifetrip Logo

Lifetrip Logo


Our Website

Our website is highly interactive and aims to provide useful travel tips and suggestions for each location we visit, blog about successes and failures along the way, post videos and photos, and connect travelers with small local businesses looking for a boost. All of this will be done in three of the six most widely spoken languages in the world – English, Spanish, and Turkish. At the end of the trip, we hope to publish an ongoing e-book that will contain all of the information that we’ve gathered. The book will be updated after each subsequent trip.


Work With Us

In the spirit of being interactive, if you would like your own trip to be featured on our site, we can do it for you! You can have your very own Life Trip Club page to tell everyone about your incredible journey.

Furthermore, we want to support small businesses along the way! The businesses who help us on our trip will be featured by posting their information on our website and sharing on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have a business and you think we could benefit from each other, or you would like to get involved and support our journey through advertising and sponsorship, please click here to get started.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – @lifetripclub

Visit our website and sign up for the email list to follow us along the way. All interaction is appreciated and we hope you will chime in with questions and comments as we take our trips and grow the site. For a quick overview of how the site works, watch our introductory video.

As I anxiously await for the rest of the group to arrive in Chicago, I can say that we look forward to many successful trips and all of your interaction with us!

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