La Unión

The town of La Unión is nothing special. It has a beautiful plaza full of leafy shady trees and a nice church.

La Unión main plaza Valle del Cauca Colombia

Main plaza

La Unión main plaza Valle del Cauca Colombia

Main plaza

Church in La Unión Valle del Cauca Colombia


A few blocks from the plaza is a small church on a hill, La Ermita. It’s a national historic landmark. From the church, there are excellent views of the town and countryside.

La Ermita in La Unión Valle del Cauca Colombia

La Ermita

We stayed at a small hotel on a corner of the plaza, Primaveral del Parque. It barely passes as a hotel but was very cheap at COP$25,000 per night for a room. The biggest problem was the noise level until the early hours of the morning. Imagine putting a bed in the middle of a nightclub and trying to sleep. On a positive note, it was fairly clean. For nicer options, Parque Nacional de la Uva has a luxury hotel on site, Los Viñedos.

Transportation to La Unión is frequent from Cali and Pereira. We used Trans Andina from Pereira and arrived in less than two hours. Transportadores de Occidente runs the 30 minute route to Roldanillo where you can catch other buses to Cali, Armenia, and Pereira. Buses leave roughly every half hour.

In town, you can get around on foot. The entrance to the park and winery is quite a long walk in the heat but a Tuk Tuk or taxi can take you there cheaply and quickly if you don’t have a vehicle.

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