Aguadas Basics


For food in Aguadas, there aren’t many options. We ate twice at Milagros, a fun restaurant with lots of choices and very good food just off the plaza. They have steaks, sandwiches, salads, fast food, arepas, patacones, and more. Meals run about COP$12,000 per person on average including a drink.

Milagros restaurant in Aguadas, Caldas Colombia


Venecia is on the corner of the plaza to the left of the church. Food is cheap and of a decent quality. Sit outside on the balcony to take advantage of the views.

View from Venecia in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia

View from Venecia

We also had a quick lunch at Restaurante María C. The service was friendly, food was cheap at COP$7,000 for a set menu, but we weren’t too impressed with the quality.


Hotel Sueño Dorado

We stayed at the Hotel Sueño Dorado. It’s a decent hotel with clean rooms and lukewarm water but not so good wifi. There are two locations. The main location, a half block from the plaza, costs COP$45,000 (as of July 2017). The other location, another 2 blocks down a steep hill in an unmarked building, costs COP$25,000 per night. There are no differences in the rooms in either location.

Hotel Sueño Dorado in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia

Hotel Sueño Dorado


Watch Your Step!

Aguadas has some steep hills in town. Be very careful if it’s raining. It can get very slippery. I wiped out on a sidewalk even when being careful.

A street in Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia

A street in Aguadas


Getting There

Aguadas is off the beaten path. Getting there could take a lot of patience traveling down bumpy gravel roads that can’t be avoided no matter which city you come from. The nearest major cities with direct bus service are Manizales and Medellín. From Medellín, it takes about four hours. From Manizales, there are two routes. The faster route is via La Pintada and could take about four hours. The slower route is through Salamina and takes roughly five hours. The bus terminal is just a block from the main plaza.

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