Quinchía is a town in the coffee region of Colombia and part of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. It has been described as one of the more beautiful towns in the region, and has a large indigenous population.



The town has a nice plaza with a church, surrounded by a few restaurants, cafés, and shops.

Plaza in Quinchía, Risaralda, Colombia


Plaza in Quinchía, Risaralda, Colombia


Another small plaza has a monument and is well shaded by tall tress.

Other plaza in Quinchía, Risaralda, Colombia

Other plaza


Cerro Batero

There is a lot of interesting things for nature lovers in Quinchía. In addition to a botanical garden, Quinchía is home to a few nature reserves. The most famous is Cerro Batero, located just outside town. It is recommended to take a guide for the hike.

Cerro Batero in Quinchía, Risaralda, Colombia

Cerro Batero


Getting There

There are direct buses to Quinchía from Pereira and nearby Anserma. Buses that go between Pereira and Medellín will stop at the entrance to the town where taxis are usually waiting. From Pereira’s bus terminalFlota Occidental  has a few services a day between the cities.

Buses stop on this road in Quinchía, Risaralda, Colombia

Buses stop on this road

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