Anserma Basics

Getting There

There are direct buses to Anserma from Pereira, Manizales, Cali, and Medellín. From Pereira’s bus terminal and Medellín, Flota Occidental runs several routes daily. Shared taxis can take you to Guática, a nearby town, for about COP$5,000 per person. They leave when full.


Getting Around

Anserma has very steep hills making it difficult to walk in certain places. The town has a good taxi service that can get you anywhere you need for a minimum of COP$3,350 (it’s a little more at night).


Recreational Areas

To the north of the bus terminal is a nice recreational area. There’s a football stadium, basketball courts, and playground. We often go there to play basketball.

Football stadium in Anserma, Caldas, Colombia

Football stadium

Basketball court in Anserma, Caldas, Colombia

Basketball court

Playground in Anserma, Caldas, Colombia


A good swimming pool and recreational area is located on the southern outskirts of town at Disminuya. It costs COP$3,000 to get in. They have a small concession stand for snacks and drinks. It’s not the cleanest pool when there are lots of people but it’s a nice escape on a hot day. It also has cabañas for rent.



There are a few cheap hotels in Anserma. On the lower plaza is Hotel Imperial. It’s a more traditional style hotel in a colonial building. It runs about COP$35,000 per night. Hotel Mirador Santana, a few blocks from the lower plaza, is considered a nice hotel. Rooms run about COP$50,000 and up. Prices are as of December 2015.

Hotel Imperial in Anserma, Caldas, Colombia

Hotel Imperial

If you want to get away from it all, there’s a bamboo house on the outskirts of town. Not many people know about it, but we can help arrange a stay there if you’d like.



Parts of Anserma can be unsafe at night. The entertainment zone of La Avenida is usually full of people at night and very safe, but the center of town is quiet and empty. It’s wise to take a taxi rather than walk.

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