Belén de Umbría Basics

Getting There

Belén de Umbría is located about two hours from the bus terminal in Pereira. Two companies have frequent direct service – Cootransbel and Flota Occidental. I’ve always taken Cootransbel. A one way trip costs abour COP$10,000 (as of December 2017). Once in the mountains, the ride can get bumpy and uncomfortable. Dramamine might be necessary!

The two ways to get to Belén by bus are “por Remolinos” and “por La Isla”. The best way to go is “por Remolinos”. The road is much smoother and the ride is shorter.


Hotel Guayacán Plaza

There are a few hotels in Belén, but the one I know best is Hotel Guayacán Plaza. I lived in this hotel for a month while I found an apartment. It’s very modern and clean with good wifi and a friendly staff. A night in a simple room runs about COP$35,000 (as of October 2014). It is located directly on the main plaza, so noise can be an issue late at night.

Hotel Guayacán Plaza in Belén de Umbría, Risaralda, Colombia

Hotel Guayacán Plaza


Hotel Belén Real

Probably the best option for accommodation in town is Hotel Belén Real. It’s away from the main plaza, which means less noise at night, and has spacious and comfortable rooms at a great value. Our guests paid COP$40,000 per person for a night and were very happy with the quality of sleep they got.

Hotel Belén Real in Belén de Umbría, Risaralda, Colombia

Hotel Belén Real



Belén may be a small town, but don’t be fooled – there is no shortage of nightlife there. From the more traditional bars around the main plaza such as La Pucha and Nebraska to the modern clubs like La Kazona and Latinos, it’s possible to dance and drink until 2am. La Taberna is also a great place but different from the rest because they play more rock, hip hop, and reggae, and have karaoke nights.



For entertainment, SkyClub is a hotel, restaurant, and club with a swimming pool that is heated on Thursdays. It’s located on the outskirts of town and a great place to unwind.

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