Paraty Boat Tour

One of the best things you can do in Paraty is take a party boat tour of Paraty Bay. You’ll have the chance to go swimming in the warm waters of the Atlantic while sipping caipirinhas, enjoying the sun, and meeting friendly people.


Booking a Tour

If you visit the marina in the historic town of Paraty before 10 or 11am, you’ll be able to board a schooner for a trip around Paraty Bay. The boats stop at a few swimming spots. I paid BRA$60 which included a very good lunch. Drinks and other snacks are available for an additional cost.

Marina in Paraty, Brazil



Sailing Away

I arrived in the morning and found a decent boat recommended by my hostel. I climbed aboard and waited for more people to gather before leaving. The views of Paraty as the boat sails into the bay are spectacular.

Paraty from the boat, Brazil

Paraty from the boat


Praia das Lulas

I sat up on the top deck of the boat and enjoyed the scenery as we cruised through the bay. We made a couple of stops, including one at Praia das Lulas, one of the best beaches around the bay. The water was comfortable as jumped off the boat and swam to shore, but it was a little cloudy with lots of debris from the forest.

Praia das Lulas on the Paraty Bay boat tour, Brazil

Praia das Lulas


Lunch and the End

We also stopped near an island for lunch and did some more swimming before heading back to Paraty. The only thing that could have made my day better was the sun!

Paraty Bay boat tour, Brazil

Paraty Bay boat tour

An island on the Paraty Bay boat tour, Brazil

An island

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