San Isidro and Tigre

One of the popular day tours from Buenos Aires involves going to two suburbs north of the city, San Isidro and Tigre.



Our group of three decided to take one of the many guided tours offered to us on Calle Florida. It cost ARG$320 and included pickup at our hotel. The tour lasted about five hours in total. It would have been possible to visit the communities on our own by taking a train from Estación Retiro, but the time and effort saved by taking the tour was well worth it.


San Isidro

San Isidro, our first stop, is a pleasant suburb with big leafy trees and large houses. We had 20 minutes to visit the train station shops and cafés.

Estación San Isidro, Argentina

Estación San Isidro

Across the street from the train station is Plaza Mitre, a small park with a flower clock and a statue of former president Bartomoló Mitre. Towering above the plaza is the Catedral de San Isidro.

Plaza Mitre in San Isidro, Argentina

Plaza Mitre

Statue of Bartolomé Mitre in San Isidro, Argentina

Statue of Bartolomé Mitre

Catedral San Isidro in San Isidro, Argentina

Catedral San Isidro

Catedral San Isidro in San Isidro, Argentina

Catedral San Isidro



Next, it was on to the main attraction of the tour, Tigre, a community on the Río Sarmiento branch of the Paraná River Delta. We drove through the modern part of town to the dock where a riverboat was waiting for us. The riverboat cost ARG$10 and there were snacks and drinks for sale on board.

Tour boat in Tigre, Argentina

Tour boat

The riverboat first passed by a shipyard with a few abandoned ships along the banks as well as a yacht club.

Abandoned ship in Tigre, Argentina

Abandoned ship

Tigre Sailing Club in Tigre, Argentina

Tigre Sailing Club

After about 15 minutes, we reached the residential area of the delta. In the delta, the homes are on islands and most of them sit on piles to reduce the risk of flooding. Each home is only accessible by boat, and each home has a pier. The homes are modern and have such amenities as Internet, satellite TV, and modern plumbing and electricity.

Tigre, Argentina


Tigre, Argentina


Tigre, Argentina


A provision boat comes by to sell supplies, and there are also a few service piers selling goods along the way.

Service pier in Tigre, Argentina

Service pier

There are several recreational areas along the river, such as campgrounds, restaurants, swimming pools, and a beach.

Parque Lyfe in Tigre, Argentina

Parque Lyfe

Beach in Tigre, Argentina


One historic home behind a structure made of glass belonged to Domingo F. Sarmiento, a former president of Argentina. It is now a museum.

Casa Sarmiento in Tigre, Argentina

Casa Sarmiento

You might notice that the water is brown. This is not pollution but a very high amount of sediment. This sediment also causes the water in the Río de la Plata to have a brown hue all the way to Buenos Aires.

Tigre, Argentina


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