Döner House: Turkish Food in Santiago

Just a couple blocks from my flat in Santiago, I found a Turkish restaurant, Döner House. I was really excited to find it because I was really missing Turkish cuisine. The owner, Özcan, is also a friendly guy. He’s originally from Istanbul and we had some good conversations about that city and Turkish football. It was also very nice to be able to speak and practice my Turkish in Chile.

Döner House in Santiago de Chile

Döner House


The Food

The food is great. It’s as close as you’ll get to the food in Turkey. I ate three different meals here and all were delicious. I drank a homemade ayran with all the meals.

First, I had döner. It was a lot of meat and veggies nicely wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Döner and ayran at Döner House in Santiago de Chile

Döner and ayran

My next meal was İskender Kebap, one of my favorite Turkish foods. While not exactly like what I would find in Turkey, it was very close. It was much better than the İskender kebap I had in Chicago.

İskender kebap at Döner House in Santiago de Chile

İskender kebap

For my third meal, I ate a kuşbaşılı pide, which is chunks of meat, cheese, small diced vegetables, and spices on a flatbread, baked in an oven. This by far was the meal that brought back the most memories of Turkey. The taste was totally authentic. It came with a nice mevsim salatası (seasonal salad).

Kuşbaşılı pide at Döner House in Santiago de Chile

Kuşbaşılı pide


Coffee and Dessert

After each meal I would drink a Turkish coffee. It was perfect. Exactly like Turkey. Occasionally I would get some baklava for dessert. It wasn’t authentically Turkish but still tasted good.

Turkish coffee and baklava at Döner House in Santiago de Chile

Turkish coffee and baklava



If you are in Santiago and crave REAL Turkish food, this is the only place to get it! Döner House is a few steps outside the Manuel Montt metro station in Providencia.

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