Santiago, here I come!

Major announcement – I’m going to Santiago, Chile, on January 29! I don’t know for how long, where I will stay or work, or what I will do, but that’s where I’m going.



I look forward to living in a culture completely different than what I’ve experienced in Turkey, hearing Spanish every day (and hopefully bringing back my Spanish speaking skills!), eating new foods, and seeing the sun again. Trust me, after sitting through the deep Arctic freeze in Chicago last week, I need as much sun and warmth as I can get.



Some facts by the numbers:

  • 35 – This will be my 35th country visited.
  • 5 – South America will be the 5th continent I’ve lived on.
  • 6,027,000 – The population of Santiago. Much, much smaller than the official population of Istanbul (13,850,000) and the unofficial and more realistic population of Istanbul (18,000,000).
  • 2,334 miles / 3,757 km – Distance from Santiago to Easter Island, one of my travel goals.
  • 88 F / 31 C – The current temperature in Santiago.
  • 10pm – The local time in Santiago when most Blackhawks home games will start 🙂
  • +120 – The number of wineries in Chile.
  • ~100,000 – The number of Greeks in Chile. I’ll fit right in.

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