Şirinevler Blues

It has only been a couple weeks since moving out of Halkalı. I’ve been traveling a lot and haven’t spent all of that time there, but, as I have predicted, I’m not 100% convinced about my new home in Şirinevler.

The neighborhood, although overcrowded and a little unfriendly at times, is much better overall: we have 24 hours of food options just steps from our door and transportation is more convenient with the Metrobüs a few minutes away.

My issue is with the apartment. We didn’t have a say in where we would live so I shouldn’t complain, but I believe it has the least functional kitchen I have ever seen. It must have been designed by the lowest quality architect imaginable. You can see a gas burner, a sink, enough countertop space to work, and even a washing machine, but where’s the fridge?

The kitchen in Şirinevler, Istanbul, Turkey

The kitchen

Why, where else would it be but in the living room, of course! On the other side of the wall! To get anything out of the fridge, we need to walk down a long corridor to the living room, all the way to the other end of the room, take what we need, and walk all the way back to the kitchen. Imagine having something on the stove and then having to run all the way across the apartment twice after forgetting to bring an ingredient with you! I’ve ended up with a few burnt meals this way.

The fridge in Şirinevler, Istanbul, Turkey

The fridge

This is my 8th apartment in Istanbul. I haven’t seen anything like it. What would it have taken to build the kitchen wall a few feet out? The living room is already a big enough space to hold three sofas and an entertainment center. But again, I shouldn’t complain over a free apartment…

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