Datça Basics

Datça is one of those places that was once a sleepy fishing village, but is now overgrown with several blocks of holiday homes. It’s still a nice place to visit, but I would’ve preferred to see it before it was “discovered”.

Datça, Turkey


Getting to Datça seems pretty easy by minibus from nearby Marmaris or with a major Turkish bus company from other cities. Martin, Gönül, Tyra and I actually flew into Milas-Bodrum Airport, rented a car, and made the three hour drive to Datça. The nearest airport is Dalaman Airport.

The best way to get around to different beaches and villages on the Datça Peninsula is to rent a car. A car is highly recommended because public transportation is unreliable for day trips, but it’s cost effective if you plan to stay in one place for a long period of time.

We stayed at Beyaz Konak Evleri, a block of private apartments. There was a bedroom with a living room that sleeps two and a kitchen. The service was friendly and the location was amazing – just a short walk to several restaurants and the harbor. The view was even better. The only problem was the shower was freezing cold and the pressure wasn’t that great.

View from Beyaz Konak in Datça, Turkey

View from Beyaz Konak

After I was able to explore the rest of the peninsula, I would have preferred to stay at a pension on a beach in one of the small villages. If you want to use it as a base to explore the rest of the peninsula and have some civilization to return to, then it will work well for you if you have a car.

For food, there were a few basic cafes we stopped at for coffee or breakfast. For dinner, we tried two places – Betül’ün Mutfağı and Kekik. Betül’ün Mutfağı (Betül’s Kitchen) is located at the end of a parking lot on the main road in Datça. I really enjoyed the home-cooked meat dishes, but the pastry dishes weren’t that great. Prices were reasonable, at about 20TL per person with a drink and tea.

Kekik is located in a restored Greek house on the beach. It had a reasonably priced menu. We had a few meze, like eggplant dip and olives. Tyra and I shared the stuffed calamari and shrimp börek. They were both excellent but the calamari was a bit on the chewy side. Martin and Gönül each had köfte, which they enjoyed. The fırında helva (baked helva) for dessert was the star of the meal. Amazing.

Kekik in Datça, Turkey


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