Athens’ port, Piraeus, is just a short metro ride away from the city center. For most, it’s just a simple port city – a place to get on and off one of the many cruise ships or ferries that stop there. It’s the largest passenger port in Europe and 3rd largest in the world. From there, you can catch ferries to nearby islands, such as Aegina, Poros, or Hydra, for a nice, easy day trip.

Piraeus Port in Piraeus, Greece

Piraeus Port

For the casual tourist, there isn’t much reason to visit, but for a prolonged stay in Athens, it might be worth a relaxing visit to one of the beautiful harbors to sit and have coffee or an excellent fish dinner.

Πασαλιμάνι (Pasalimani) is also called the Port of Zea. The ancient Athenian fleet and later the Ottoman fleet was moored here. The Venetians called it Porto Leone for the ancient lion statues that stood at the entrance to the port from the 1st century. It’s now a harbor for expensive yachts. If you’re into yachts, it’s a great place for checking them out. There are also a few cafes that line the side of it.

Pasalimani in Piraeus, Greece


Μικρολίμανο (Mikrolimano) is a small harbor lined with fish restaurants. It has also been called Tourkolimano (Τουρκολίμανο) since Ottoman times. In ancient times it was called Λιμένας Μουνιχίας (Limenas Mounihias). The fish restaurants sit directly on the harbor, giving a great setting for a nice meal. Click here for a list of restaurants.

Mikrolimano in Piraeus, Greece


Mikrolimano in Piraeus, Greece


Mikrolimano in Piraeus, Greece


As far as cultural sites to visit, there is very little of interest. There’s an Archaeological Museum which has the ancient Theatre of Zea on its grounds. You can see the theatre through the fence.

Archaeological Museum in Piraeus, Greece

Archaeological Museum

Theatre of Zea in Piraeus, Greece

Theatre of Zea

There are a few beautiful buildings within a few blocks of the port. The first on you come to along Leoforos Vasileos Georgiou is the Seaman’s Pension Building. Across the street is a newer building, Agia Triada church. The Municipal Theatre is another block further.

Seaman's Pension Building in Piraeus, Greece

Seaman’s Pension Building

Agia Triada in Piraeus, Greece

Agia Triada

Municipal Theatre in Piraeus, Greece

Municipal Theatre

If you want to take a dip in the sea, there’s the popular Votsalakia Beach, located between Pasalimani and Mikrolimano. Just off shore is Koumoundourou, a small island.

Votsalakia Beach in Piraeus, Greece

Votsalakia Beach

Koumoundourou in Piraeus, Greece


For sports lovers, the Olympiakos sports club is located in Piraeus. The basketball stadium, Στάδιο Ειρήνης και Φιλίας (Peace and Friendship Stadium), opened in 1985 and has a capacity of 11,554 for basketball. It held volleyball events during the 2004 Olympics.

Peace and Friendship Stadium in Piraeus, Greece

Peace and Friendship Stadium

The football stadium, Γήπεδο Γεώργιος Καραϊσκάκης (Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium), was built in 1895, renovated in 1960, and completely rebuilt in 2004 to a capacity of 33,334. I attended a game there during my trip.

Karaiskaki Stadium in Piraeus, Greece

Karaiskaki Stadium

The Olympiakos Museum is located at Karaiskaki Stadium and has a nice display of trophies for all sports and the history of the club, along with a moving memorial to the 21 victims of the Gate 7 tragedy on February 8, 1981.

Olympiakos Museum in Piraeus, Greece

Olympiakos Museum

Gate 7 memorial at the Olympiakos Museum in Piraeus, Greece

Gate 7 memorial at the Olympiakos Museum

Gate 7 memorial at the Olympiakos Museum in Piraeus, Greece

Gate 7 memorial at the Olympiakos Museum

There are also two small memorials for the Gate 7 victims outside the stadium.

Gate 7 memorial in Piraeus, Greece

Gate 7 memorial

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