İzmir Food Specialties

İzmir has a few local delicacies you should try while in town. First, the kumru sandwich. You can find them all over İzmir. It’s sausage in strips, cheese, and tomato served in soft bread. The name kumru means “collared dove”, which is supposedly how the sandwich looks. Mayo and/or ketchup might come with it. I had my kumru on one of the small side streets of Alsancak.

Kumru in Izmir, Turkey


Next is İzmir köfte, which are nicely spiced meatballs in an oblong shape. The spices used are typically cumin, cinnamon, garlic, salt, and pepper. They’re usually served in a tomato sauce but I’ve seen them served dry. Potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers often accompany them. I ate my İzmir köfte at a 24 hour restaurant near Basmane train station.

Finally, there’s fincanda pişen Türk kahvesi, literally “Turkish coffee cooked in the cup”. As someone who drinks Turkish coffee often, I can definitely say it has a nice taste to it. You can find all kinds of places that serve it in the Kemeraltı bazaar area, especially the alleys around Kızlarağası Hanı.

Fincanda pişen türk kahvesi in Izmir, Turkey

Fincanda pişen türk kahvesi

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