Food in Chora

Food choices in Chora are plenty, from traditional tavernas to fast food souvlaki joints to cafés serving frappe and desserts. On my many trips to Chios, I’ve been to several cafés and ate at so many restaurants that I can’t remember all of them. This post features the places I visited during my last trip in 2013.

To Tsikoudo is a traditional taverna serving excellent octopus, kalamari, and mezedes. It’s on the harbor. We went as a small group of friends and enjoyed both the atmosphere sitting outdoors and the quality of the food. The place next door, Delfinia, was also packed when we went for dinner. Both restaurants had a decent lunch crowd.

Dinner at To Tsikoudo in Chora, Chios, Greece

Dinner at To Tsikoudo

Octopus at To Tsikoudo in Chora, Chios, Greece


Delfinia and To Tsikoudo in Chora, Chios, Greece

Delfinia and To Tsikoudo

Also on the harbor is Ahni & Kanella. They have amazing bougatsa and loukoumades, and they make a good frappe, too. Other places on the harbor serve good desserts. I don’t think I had a bad experience anywhere, to be honest.

Axni & Kanella in Chora, Chios, Greece

Axni & Kanella

Loukoumades and Frappe at Ahni & Kanella in Chora, Chios, Greece

Loukoumades and frappe at Ahni & Kanella

Profiteroles at a café in Chora, Chios, Greece

Profiteroles at a café

If you’re looking for cheap fast food, try Marathon near the Archaeological Museum. They have great souvlaki and mastelopita.

For breakfast, I went a few times to a place on the north end of the harbor. I forgot the name of it but you can’t go wrong with their eggs and bacon.

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