Southern Chios

The part of Chios I’m most familiar with is the southern half. The villages in the south are among the most visited places on the island and it’s the home of the mastiha tree and some great tavernas. Other than the popular villages to visit like Mesta and Pyrgi, this entry will cover a few of the random villages and attractions in southern Chios.

Vessa (Βέσσα) – A small Medieval village that I didn’t visit but saw from the road above on my way to Nea Moni.

Vessa, Chios, Greece


Lithi (Λιθί) – A village I only passed through a few times. The nearby beach is popular and has some good tavernas.

Lithi, Chios, Greece


Katarraktis (Καταρράκτης) – A small fishing village with several little tavernas serving great seafood, sometimes right next to the sea. It’s a wonderful place to walk on the seaside promenade.

Armolia (Αρμόλια) – If you like ceramics, this is the place to be. The village has a long tradition of ceramic crafts and there are several workshops. There’s also a Medieval Genoese fortress, Apolichnon, built in 1440. It’s on top of a hill just outside town. A hiking trail leads you up a steep slope to the castle in about 30 to 40 minutes.

Apolichnon in Armolia, Chios, Greece


Dotia (Δότια) – On the road to Vroulidia Beach, there is a Genoese defense tower built in 1410.

Dotia Tower in Chios, Greece

Dotia Tower

Kallimasia Ethnographic Museum – This museum is located at the school in Kallimasia. If it isn’t open, ask one of the neighbors across the street. It was closed at my time of visit, and there were no neighbors present, so I only got to see the flyer on the door. I was interested in visiting because of a brochure I saw at my hotel and the owners highly recommended it.

Kallimasia Ethnographic Museum in Chios, Greece

Kallimasia Ethnographic Museum

Agios Minas Monastery – This important monastery is located on the road to Kallimasia. It was built between 1572 and 1595. During the 1822 Massacre of Chios, villagers who took refuge at the monastery were burned alive in the chapel and in the courtyard. Blood still stains the stone floors of the chapel and the bones of those murdered by the Ottomans are kept in the courtyard. The monastery was closed during my attempted visit.

Agios Minas Monastery in Chios, Greece

Agios Minas Monastery

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