Food Products from Chios

For food, in my opinion, nothing beats Greece in terms of freshness and flavor. Here are some local products that you must try while visiting Chios:

    • The most important product to try is mastiha (mastic), a product exclusive to Chios. You can find it in all shapes and forms, from gum to liquor. There’s also the tradition of taking a spoonful, dipping it in cold water for a few minutes, then eating it off the spoon. If you can’t make it to any of the mastiha producing villages in southern Chios, visit Mastiha Shop in Chios Town to get your fill of mastiha products.
Mastiha Shop in Chora, Chios, Greece

Mastiha Shop

  • Chios makes some of the best ouzo in all of Greece. My favorite brand is Psyhis (Ψυχής). It’s best when eating at a taverna with friends or family. Drink it straight in a small glass with some ice cubes.
Ouzo Psyhis at Bahari in Karfas, Chios, Greece

Ouzo Psyhis

  • Mastelo cheese is a locally produced cheese. You can find grilled mastelo in many restaurants or a mastelopita at a fast food joint.
  • Citrus fruits from southern Chios are among the finest in Greece. I enjoy drinking Kambos brand juices.
Kambos Mandarinada in Chios, Greece

Kambos Mandarinada

    • Chios’ honey is 100% natural and has a unique taste.
    • Being an island, naturally you will find excellent fish and seafood in Chios. Calamari and octopus are cooked to perfection just about anywhere.
Octopus at Bahari in Karfas, Chios, Greece

Octopus at To Bahari in Karfas

  • Masourakia are a traditional phyllo rolled dessert from Chios. My favorites come from Perfect Patisserie in Armolia.
Greek pastries and masourakia (right) from Perfect in Armolia, Chios, Greece

Greek pastries and masourakia (right)

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