Food in Southern Chios

Southern Chios has several restaurants to choose from, mostly tavernas serving traditional Greek food. Before getting further into detail, my top three are To Bahari (Karfas), O Mesaionas (Mesta), and Maria’s Garden (Emporios). I’ve eaten at each restaurant at least twice and believe they make the best meals I’ve had in Chios.

As I talk about each restaurant below, I won’t list all of the things I’ve ordered, but my normal choices are souvlaki, calamari, octopus, Greek salad, moussaka, fried eggplant or zucchini, beets, gigantes (beans), keftedes (meatballs), and horta (greens).

Starting in Karfas, an alternative to To Bahari is Pinaleon. I’ve also eaten there twice. The first time it was excellent and the second time it was so-so.

Pinaleon in Karfas, Chios, Greece


A few minutes south of Karfas is Agyra in Megas Limnionas. I had dinner there with friends on a rainy evening. We were happy with the friendly service and the food.

If you’re looking for seafood, try visiting the seaside village of Katarraktis. You can sit right next to the Aegean and eat some amazing fish, octopus, or calamari. We ate at Meltemaki and loved our meal.

At the southern end of Chios in Emporios, not too far from the beach at Mavra Volia, is Maria’s Garden. This is a place I’ve eaten at three times, and each time it was incredible. If you’ve come this far south, make it a point to have lunch or dinner there.

Maria's Garden in Emporios, Chios, Greece

Maria’s Garden

In the parking lot at Vroulidia Beach is a small family-run canteen and restaurant catering to beachgoers. They make good souvlaki and calamari.

Mesta is where you can find O Mesaionas. This traditional taverna sits in the peaceful town square and has great service.

O Mesaionas in Mesta, Chios, Greece

O Mesaionas

O Mesaionas in Mesta, Chios, Greece

O Mesaionas

On the beach at Lithi is Kyra Despoina, and further north in Avgonima is To Asteri. Both of them have very good food and service. To Asteri has a nice terrace that’s good for watching sunsets over the Aegean.

To Asteri in Avgonima, Chios, Greece

To Asteri

If you find yourself in Komi, try Pandaisia Beach Bar for a decent lunch. I had a sandwich and frappé. The owner was a friendly guy who made sure we enjoyed our time at his place. There’s also Likos, which serves some of the best pizza I’ve had in Greece. Try their peynirli, which is their take on a Turkish pide.

Likos in Komi, Chios, Greece


Pizza (top) and peynirli (bottom) at Likos in Komi, Chios, Greece

Pizza (top) and peynirli (bottom)

Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, there’s Perfect in Armolia. Passing by without stopping is difficult for me. They have excellent pastries, including a masourakia, a Chian specialty, and also serve ice cream.

Perfect in Armolia, Chios, Greece


Greek pastries and masourakia (right) from Perfect in Armolia, Chios, Greece

Greek pastries and masourakia (right)

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