Museum Pass İstanbul

Museum Pass İstanbul is a card available to all foreign tourists visiting Istanbul that is well worth buying. For 85TL (as of September 2016), the card gives access to several different museums and historical sites in the city, as well as discounts at some private museums, shops, restaurants, and other attractions.

Why buy it? For example, say you plan to visit both Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Sarayı. Admission is 40TL to each. Basically, the card covers both of those attractions making the rest of the list below “free”. You also save a lot of time by skipping the long lines at the ticket counters. This is especially true for Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Sarayı.

The pass is valid for 120 hours, which start at the first point of entry. Purchase points are at any of the main museums that grant free admission with the card:

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Topkapı Sarayı
  • Hagia Eirini
  • Kariye Museum (Chora Church)
  • Istanbul Archaeology Museum
  • Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
  • Galata Mevlevihanesi
  • Rumeli Hisarı
  • Yıldız Sarayı
  • Istanbul Mosaic Museum
  • Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam
  • Fethiye Museum (Pammakaristos Church)

Note: The Harem at Topkapı Sarayı does not accept the Museum Pass.

As of September 2016, discounts are available at the following museums and attractions:

  • Harbiye Military Museum
  • Elgiz Museum
  • Tarihi Galatasary Hamamı
  • İstanbul Şehir Hatları full and short Bosporus tours
  • Kız Kulesi
  • Museum of Innocence
  • Pera Museum
  • Rahmi M. Koç Museum
  • Sadberk Hanım Museum
  • Sakıp Sabancı Museum
  • TÜRVAK Cinema – Theatre Museum
  • Turkish Literature Foundation
  • Hisart Museum
  • Cağaloğlu Hamamı

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