Chernihiv Basics

From Kiev, I took an easy day trip to Chernihiv, one of the most historic cities in the Ukraine. It’s over 1300 years old and has lots of cathedrals and monasteries.

I took the Kiev metro Red Line to the very last stop, Lisova, and looked for a marshrutky, which is a bus that leaves when full (similar to a Turkish dolmuş). I waited for about 10 minutes when the driver announced he had room for 1 more. I volunteered, paid, and took my seat. Around an hour and a half later, we pulled up to the main square in Chernihiv’s city center.

Before leaving, l had a quick lunch at Sushi-Studio, a restaurant next to Hotel Ukraina on Prospekt Miru. I didn’t try the sushi but had a salad instead. Food was decent and the service was friendly.

Getting back to Kiev was a little trickier. I couldn’t find any information and there were no signs to the bus station. I asked the server, who spoke very broken English, to help me locate it. We managed to communicate and she directed me just around the corner of the Hotel Ukraina on Prospekt Peremohy.

There’s an airport bus that leaves roughly every hour and drops off passengers at Lisova metro stop, where my journey began in the morning. It worked out well.

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