İskender Kebap and Other Specialties

Bursa is the birthplace of İskender kebap. It’s a popular dish consisting of strips of meat slathered in tomato sauce piled onto pieces of pide bread. Melted butter is also used, and is sometimes poured over the plate right at the table. Yogurt is served on the side to mix in, and tomatoes with spicy green peppers are used to garnish.

The most famous place to eat İskender kebap is at Kebapçı İskender, owned by the family of the dish’s inventor. I ate at the original location, a tiny little place in the historic city center with seating for 40. İskender is the only thing on the menu, but you have to get there early! It’s only open from 11am to 6:30pm on weekdays and until 8pm on weekends.

The İskender is much more expensive than what you would pay at a typical restaurant, but it’s incredible. You can get a full order (tek), or an order and a half (bir buçuk) if you have a bigger appetite.

Kebapçı İskender in Bursa, Turkey

Kebapçı İskender

Bursa’s popular desserts are kestane şekeri (candied chestnuts) and kemalpaşa (fried dough boiled in a very sweet syrup). You can find each treat just about anywhere in town.

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