Çubuklu and Paşabahçe

Çubuklu and Paşabahçe are two small villages on the Asian side of the Bosporus in Istanbul. There isn’t much to see in Çubuklu, and Paşabahçe is home to a famous glass factory. Neither are worth a stop, and in Çubuklu there’s absolutely nothing to see.

Çubuklu, Istanbul, Turkey


Paşabahçe, however, has a nice square, Paşabahçe Meydanı. On the square are a mosque and a Greek Orthodox holy spring dedicated to Agia Paraskevi (Αγίασμα Αγίας Παρασκευής Πασάμπαχτσε).

Paşabahçe Meydanı in Paşabahçe, Istanbul, Turkey

Paşabahçe Meydanı

Greek Orthodox holy spring in Paşabahçe, Istanbul, Turkey

Greek Orthodox holy spring

Paşabahçe Meydanı extends all the way to the Bosporus. Along the way there are outdoor cafés and restaurants lining the street. When you reach the Bosporus, you’ll find a ferry terminal and small boats moored to the pier.

Paşabahçe, Istanbul, Turkey


Paşabahçe, Istanbul, Turkey


The easiest way to get to Çubuklu and Paşabahçe is through Üsküdar. Take a ferry to Üsküdar and walk to the Üsküdar Cami Önü stop (in front of the mosque across the street from the ferry terminal). Hop on pretty much any bus with a number 15 until you reach the Çubuklu or Paşabahçe stop. You can also take a dolmuş going to Beykoz and ask the driver to let you out at Çubuklu or Paşabahçe – it’s much faster than the bus. There are ferry terminals at both villages but services are not frequent or convenient for either.

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