On the Asian side of the Bosporus in Istanbul, just a five minute walk north of the Üsküdar ferry terminal, is a small area called Paşalimanı.

There are a few yalılar (seaside mansions), a nice park along the Bosporus with a small marina, and a city-run café right on the edge of the Bosporus.

Paşalimanı, Ιstanbul, Turkey


A huge white building along the Bosporus was once an old tobacco factory. It was renovated and is now the headquarters for Ciner Grubu. Across the street are the ruins of an old flour factory.

Old flour factory in Paşalimanı, Ιstanbul, Turkey

Old flour factory

You will also find an old Ottoman building that now serves as the İstanbul Devlet Opera ve Balesi (State Opera and Ballet).

İstanbul Devlet Opera ve Balesi in Paşalimanı, Ιstanbul, Turkey

İstanbul Devlet Opera ve Balesi

The Fethi Paşa Korusu, a large forested park, is located in Paşalimanı. There’s a restaurant inside the park and the views of the Bosporus are amazing.

Fethi Paşa Korusu in Paşalimanı, Ιstanbul, Turkey

Fethi Paşa Korusu

The easiest way to get to Paşalimanı is through Üsküdar. Take a ferry to Üsküdar and walk just five minutes north. If you prefer to take a bus, go to the Üsküdar Cami Önü stop (in front of the mosque across the street from the ferry terminal). Hop on a bus with the number 15. Paşalimanı is the first two stops. You can also take a dolmuş going to Beykoz and ask the driver to let you out at Paşalimanı.

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