Kadıköy Basics

Kadıköy is a municipality on the Asian side of Istanbul. It was originally settled by the ancient Greeks as Chalkedon (Χαλκηδώνα) in 685 BC, almost 20 years before Byzantium (Constantinople).

Chalkedon played a very important role in ecclesiastical history as the location of the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon in 451, where the human and divine nature of Jesus was defined. It later fell into obscurity as the importance of Constantinople grew. Unfortunately there’s nothing left of ancient Chalkedon. Nowadays, the area is filled with modern apartment buildings and a few Ottoman homes scattered here and there.

Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey


Despite the lack of attractions, Kadıköy is a great place to spend time and observe local life. There are several excellent restaurants and bars in Kadıköy Merkez and Moda. Nearby is the stadium for Fenerbahçe, one of Istanbul’s premier football teams.

The Bağdat Caddesi area has more restaurants and cafés and is frequented by shoppers looking for luxury goods. There’s also a long stretch of paths and parks along the Marmara Sea for those interested in running, biking, or just enjoying the fresh air.

Most people will arrive in Kadıköy via ferry from the European side. There are frequent ferries from Eminönü, Karaköy, Kabataş, and Beşiktaş on both the public İstanbul Şehir Hatları and Turyol private ferries. You can also arrive via dolmuş from Üsküdar, Taksim, and Bostancı. The main bus terminal in Kadıköy is located near the ferries. The metro for the Asian side of the city also terminates there.

Kadıköy İskelesi in Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Kadıköy İskelesi

A ferry leaving Kadıköy in Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey

A ferry leaving Kadıköy

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