Getting to Bozcaada

To get to Bozcaada, I took the ferry from Geyikli on the mainland. Ferries only run a few times a day and round trip tickets can be purchased from the ferry terminal there. I arrived on a minibus from Çanakkale and missed the ferry by 10 minutes. I had to wait another four hours for the next one.

There’s absolutely nothing to do in Geyikli near the ferry terminal other than a quiet beach and a small restaurant with mediocre food. The actual town is a few minutes inland and it’s just as boring. Try to time it better than I did.

Geyikli, Turkey


If coming from Istanbul on a bus, Metro Turizm has service directly to the Geyikli ferry terminal coinciding with the ferry schedule to Bozcaada. You can buy a return bus ticket to Istanbul at the Metro Turizm representative’s office in Bozcaada Town that will pick you up from the ferry terminal in Geyikli. During high season, there are fast ferries to and from Çanakkale.

Geyikli Ferry Terminal in Geyikli, Turkey

Geyikli Ferry Terminal

Once on the ferry, the ride takes just over a half hour. It’s a very enjoyable. On the way we passed a small islet called Gaidouronísi (Γαιδουρονήσι) that has a small structure on it.

Gaidouronísi, Bozcaada, Turkey


The approach into Bozcaada harbor is stunning. The harbor has a large Ottoman castle on the right side and small homes built around it. The couple minarets of the Turkish Quarter and a church bell tower of the Greek Quarter add to the scenery.

Bozcaada, Turkey


The ferry terminal is right in Bozcaada town. Most hotels and guesthouses are located within a short walk from the ferry.

Bozcaada, Turkey


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