Sinop Basics

The city of Sinop sits on a small peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea. I wasn’t expecting much from my visit but it turned out to be a very friendly and beautiful place to spend a couple days.

Sinop was founded by the Hittites as Sinuwa and resettled by the ancient Greeks as Sinópi (Σινώπη). It later became the capital of the Kingdom of Pontus (Πόντος). It’s probably most famous for being the birthplace of ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes the Cynic. A statue of him sits at the entrance to the peninsula.

To get to Sinop, there are flights on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Sinop Havaalanı. It’s also possible to take a bus. From Istanbul it’s 11 hours. From Kastamonu it’s around three hours. The bus terminal is located outside the peninsula near the airport.

I stayed at the Reis Otel. It’s a nice place and well worth the 100TL per night I paid. The room was immaculate, the service was friendly, and the location near the harbor is excellent. The city center is a short walk away.

View from the Reis Otel in Sinop, Turkey

View from the Reis Otel

The harbor has many restaurants that sit along it. You can count on getting a delicious and reasonably priced fish meal at one of them.

Çupra dinner in Sinop, Turkey

Çupra dinner

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