Burgas Basics

Burgas is a city on Black Sea coast and the fourth largest in Bulgaria. There isn’t much to see in the city itself, but it has a decent beach and makes a great base for day trips to places like Nesebur, Sozopol, Pomorie, and Sunny Beach.

I arrived in Burgas on a bus from Varna. The ride took just under two hours and dropped me off at the bus terminal near the city center. The same bus terminal is where I caught buses for my day trips. My ride back to Istanbul was purchased at the Metro Turizm office nearby.

There’s also the Burgas Central Railway Station, which is located near the bus terminal. It links Burgas by train to the rest of Bulgaria’s rail network.

Burgas Central Railway Station in Burgas, Bulgaria

Burgas Central Railway Station

Getting around town was done completely on foot. I never needed a taxi or bus to get anywhere.

I stayed at Hotel Central. Contrary to the name, it’s not central at all. It was quite a long walk from the city center, but it’s located in a quiet residential area and near a nice park. The room was comfortable and I was happy with my stay. It cost me €50 for two nights.

For food, I had three meals in Burgas. On my first night, I had an excellent dinner at Mehana Bansko. This restaurant had excellent traditional Bulgarian food and live entertainment. I enjoyed my entire meal but especially the fried goat cheese topped with sesame, honey, walnuts, and apple. The music and dancing added to the atmosphere. (Sorry for the quality of the videos below).


On my second day, I had an amazing dinner at Boulevard. It’s located on the east end of Aleko Bogaridi near the Sea Garden. I started with fried goat cheese topped with honey and walnuts. My main course was goose liver in a blueberry sauce. It was one of the tastiest meals I had in Bulgaria.

Fried goat cheese topped with honey and walnuts at Boulevard in Burgas, Bulgaria

Fried goat cheese topped with honey and walnuts

Goose liver in a blueberry sauce at Boulevard in Burgas, Bulgaria

Goose liver in a blueberry sauce

For one lunch, I ate at Happy Bar & Grill, which is basically the Bulgarian version of TGI Friday’s. They have a menu packed with all kinds of different foods. If you’re craving something, you’ll probably find it at Happy.

Happy Bar & Grill in Burgas, Bulgaria

Happy Bar & Grill

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