Activities in Umbría

The village of Umbría, located halfway between Belén de Umbría and Mistrató in the department of Risaralda, has a couple great places to relax and have fun. It’s also located within the UNESCO World Heritage listed Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia.

While there is nothing of interest in the village itself, the recreational areas of San Juan del Valle and Funvallu can provide several different recreational activities.


San Juan del Valle

San Juan del Valle has a swimming pool, fishing pond, go-karts, motorcycles, paintball, football fields, zip line, paragliding, camping, and a farm. They also have guided ecological walks in the area to waterfalls and for birdwatching in groups with a minimum of 10 people.

Fishing Pond at San Juan del Valle in Umbría

Fishing Pond at San Juan del Valle

San Juan del Valle in Umbría

San Juan del Valle

There is also a restaurant serving typical Colombian food. The food was decent but the service was a bit slow. We paid COP$36,000 for a set lunch for 2.

Restaurant at San Juan del Valle in Umbría

Restaurant at San Juan del Valle

At the time of writing, a stay in a cabaña at San Juan del Valle ran COP$35,000 per person. The price included a few of the activities available in the park.



Funvallu is the other recreational area. It’s more focused on relaxation but also has several fun activities including ecological walks to waterfalls, paddle boats, fishing, bike tours, presentations and walks about the indigenous population, camping, river rafting, and zip lining. The grounds at Funvallu seemed much nicer than San Juan del Valle.

Funvallu in Umbría

Pond at Funvallu

Funvallu in Umbría

Chapel at Funvallu

Funvallu in Umbría


The restaurant serves typical Colombian food. We ate lunch for 2 and paid COP$36,000. It wasn’t that great.

Restaurant at Funvallu in Umbría

Restaurant at Funvallu

Funvallu has a small hotel with a spa, gym, hammocks, and swimming pool along with a few cabañas for rent. The all-inclusive price is COP$120,000 but many of the activities are extra.

Cabañas at Funvallu in Umbría

Cabañas at Funvallu

Cabañas at Funvallu in Umbría

Cabaña at Funvallu



To get to either place from Belén, it’s possible to take either a Cootransbel bus from the Belén bus terminal or a Flota Occidental bus from the main plaza heading to Mistrató.

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