Santa Ana

If you’re in Guática and feeling adventurous, you can head to Santa Ana. It’s a nearby village down a rough gravel road, well off the beaten path. There’s a waterfall and a nice river along the way and excellent views of Guática. It’s also part of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia.

A waterfall near Guática, Risaralda, Colombia

A waterfall near Guática

View of Guática, Risaralda, Colombia

View of Guática



Once in Santa Ana, you’ll find a nice plaza with a couple places to get coffee or food. There’s a small church as well.

Santa Ana, Risaralda, Colombia



Outside of Town

There are more dramatic views on a small road that leads up into the mountains just above the town. It’s a rough road to travel on with a motorcycle but the views are well worth it.

View of Santa Ana, Risaralda, Colombia

View of Santa Ana

View from above Santa Ana, Risaralda, Colombia

View from above the town


Getting There

Ask in Guática how to find the road to Santa Ana. If you don’t have your own transportation, Cootransbel offers an infrequent bus service from Pereira via Belén de Umbría.

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