Amazonas Day 2: Puerto Nariño

The few days we spent at the resort were packed with activities. On the second day, we took an extra tour for COP$120,000 per person to Puerto Nariño. The trip started at 9am and first stopped to see the Amazon river dolphins.

Amazon River Dolphin Colombia

Amazon River Dolphin



Our next stop was at the indigenous Ticuna community of Macedonia. They entertained us with a welcome dance and afterwards sold handmade crafts. They gave us a few minutes to walk around their small village freely.

Amazon River Ticuna Community in Macedonia Amazonas Colombia, an indigenous village

Ticuna Community in Macedonia


Puerto Nariño

The highlight of the day was lunch and a walk through the self-sustaining town of Puerto Nariño, mostly inhabited by the Ticuna. It’s located on a tributary off the Amazon River and is completely green. There are no cars or motorcycles in the town (the residents don’t want them), so all transportation is done on foot or on bicycle. The streets and avenues are identified by palm trees and other trees. For visitors, there are many small hotels, hostels, and restaurants for a unique experience in this peaceful town. It’s quite an interesting place when the guide explains how the town works.

Puerto Nariño Amazonas Colombia

Puerto Nariño

Our time in Puerto Nariño began with a delicious lunch at Las Margaritas and then walked through the town. We visited a lookout tower and paid COP$2,000 each to climb up. The view was breathtaking. We saw the town and the Amazon River on one side and pure jungle as far as the eye could see on the other side.

Puerto Nariño Mirador Amazonas Colombia


Puerto Nariño Mirador Amazonas Colombia

View from the mirador

The tour finished with another stop to see the river dolphins, and it was quite a long ride back to the resort. Continue with Day 3.

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