Mistrató is a very small town located in the department of Risaralda. It’s situated in a river valley and surrounded by green mountains. The town is part of Colombia’s coffee growing region and near to a population of indigenous people. There’s not much to do in Mistrató, but it is well known for its beauty.

Plaza and church in Mistrató, Risaralda, Colombia

Plaza and church

The very colorful plaza is decorated with trees, flowers, and benches, and features colors that are significant to the indigenous population. There are a few restaurants, cafés, and bars on the plaza. A small canal also runs next to the plaza.

Plaza in Mistrató, Risaralda, Colombia


Canal in Mistrató, Risaralda, Colombia


The church is very beautiful. The interior is made of wooden arched columns and pews.

Church in Mistrató, Risaralda, Colombia


Church in Mistrató, Risaralda, Colombia


Mistrató is relatively flat. Outside of the plaza there isn’t much to see but the river that runs through the town.

River in Mistrató, Risaralda, Colombia


Getting to Mistrató can be done from Pereira or Belén de Umbría. Buses with Cootransbel and Flota Occidental make trips to and from the town. From Pereira’s bus terminal, it’s a journey of over two hours. From Belén, it’s about a half hour.

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