World Cup 2014: Day 2 (Belo Horizonte)

Nothing special to report today. I went to the colonial city of Ouro Preto about two hours from Belo Horizonte. Really amazing place.


Other Games

I ended up missing the Mexico-Cameroon game and only caught a few parts of the Holland-Spain game. Needless to say I was shocked and happy at the result. Had dinner and drinks while watching the Australia-Chile game. It was very entertaining.


Where are the Greeks?

This concerns me. I’ve been in Belo Horizonte for over two days now and have yet to see one Greek fan. Are we showing up on Greek time? In São Paulo, I met two Greek-Australians who said they would be at the game, and there was a woman from Greece on my plane to Belo.

Tonight at Praça de Savassi, an area full of bars and restaurants, there were hundreds of Colombians sitting outside chanting and enjoying themselves. They are obviously much closer to Brazil than Greece so I expected to be outnumbered, but no Greeks in two days?

Praça de Savassi in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Praça de Savassi


Greece vs Colombia

The Colombian fans are very confident about the game tomorrow afternoon and don’t seem to be taking Greece seriously at all. I hope this works to our advantage.

Also interesting is the fact I will be moving to Colombia in August for work. Colombia is clearly the strongest team in our group, but a good showing would be nice for me personally as well. I’ll hope for a draw at best, even with Radamel Falcao missing from the Colombian attack.

Looking forward to the game tomorrow. ΕΛΛΑΣ ΟΛΕ!

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