There really isn’t much to do in the town of Datça. It’s more of a place to relax, unwind, and have fun. I also went in the low season, so many places were closed and there weren’t hordes of people everywhere. I was happy about that, to be honest.

Datça, Turkey


We pretty much stayed around the harbor area and took walks along the seaside. It was the most enjoyable thing to do. It was fairly dead to begin with, and we weren’t keen on going to any bars or shopping. Most bars are only open in the high season, anyway.

Harbor in Datça, Turkey


Activities and excursions outside of Datça are the thing to do during the day. Boat trips  are offered to go swimming at different coves around the Datça Peninsula. I didn’t get to do that (it was too cold), but it seems like a lot of fun. There’s a beach in town but it didn’t look very appealing.

Beach in Datça, Turkey


There are also possible day trips to the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi during the high season. I looked into hiring a boat for the day to Symi but it was too expensive. You can see Symi from Datça.

View of Symi from Datça in Datça, Turkey

View of Symi from Datça

For shopping, the unique things to buy are thyme honey, almonds, and almond products. You can find shops all over town selling this stuff.

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